Play IT# FAQ's

How many sessions are ideal for kids?

Play IT# suggests kids to go for a 32 session training. so that they can gain good knowledge and hands on experience with different life skills and get to choose the ones which they love and become an expert in it.

What the skills they get trained during the sessions?

Play IT# offers training across skillsets including Yoga, Rhythmic movement dance (Zumba, Philate etc), Meditation, Exercise, Basic Sports, Martial Arts, Eating habits and Healthy Lifestyle. Kids will be trained by certified best trainers across India in one to one experience so Play IT# ensures kids won't miss out on the skill they love because of trainer.

How many kids participate in a session?

Only 5 Kids will be joining simultaneously in every session which makes it possible for trainer to interact directly with them.

Why kids are thought so many skills?

When kids are exposed to grass root training in a wide range of skills, They can find the right one for them in comparison to others depending on what they love to do and they are good at. Their mentor helps them in this course of finding by having their performance report across classes. And it is important for every kid to have a basic knowledge about skills as they will help them in their life at some point and time (Eg: A person may not be a yoga interested guy but at some point in life when we feels down sitting back for some time and doing some  yoga & mediation helps to boost back and the same applies when a dull day can boosted back with a rhythmic dance even though not a professional dancer this way having grass root knowledge helps them to be better enabled).

How many times are kids are suggested to take this course?

In an ideal scenario kids should do this course thrice in their life once between age 4 years to 7 years, second time between 8 years to 11 years & third time between 12 years - 15 Years, However doing once would move them ahead in the curve of wellness skills.

How are timings fixed?

Parents/kids can choose first session while booking sessions and post first session mentor calls and fixes the time for second session based on convenience of kids.

Will the timings overlap with School?

No, Parents/Kids can talk to their mentor and fix timings which do not overlap with school/tuition timings. 

 Do you provide expert level training? 

We do offer expert level training as well post grass root training, Based on kids performance across various courses we suggest the best suited ones to them.

How do we contact Play IT team?

You can call us at 888-444-9305

Do you have offline training?

Grass root training is available only in online mode as it involves best trainers across India training kids, In case of expert level training we do try to help parents with offline coach suggestions but it is up to parents to decide choosing them.

 Any brief about the team behind Play IT#

Play IT# is a division of India's 1st Mono Brand For Kids Schoolay (School+Play). And the entire course is powered by SportzVillage, India's largest sports company tied up with over 1500+ schools for physical education curriculum.