Akshar Arbol Orange Round Neck T-shirt

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This is the uniform for Akshar Arbol International School.

Size Guide- Please refer this guide and place your order. 

Why Dry-Fit Uniform is better than Conventional Cotton Uniform?

Dry-Fit material is a high-performance fabric that offers advanced sweat-wicking capabilities. It moves the sweat to the surface of the fabric, where it evaporates.

As a microfiber, it dries quickly and thus allow breathability for the wearer.

 It is highly durable and resistant to wear & tear than cotton. Unlike cotton, the colors don't fade and bleed.


Round neck T-Shirt
● Material: Poly Cotton Pique Fabric
● Colour: Orange
● Collar & Cuff: Polyester Orange with Single White Tipping
● AAIS embroidery