PPE Coverall Gown(Bulk)
PPE Coverall Gown(Bulk)
PPE Coverall Gown(Bulk)

PPE Coverall Gown(Bulk)

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Delivery Time: With-in 12-14 days of ordering 

For Pack of 10 - Rs.729/PPE Coverall Gown

For Pack of 20 - Rs.709/PPE Coverall Gown

For Pack of 50 - Rs.689/PPE Coverall Gown

For Pack of 100 - Rs.650/PPE Coverall Gown

Instructions to follow:

  • Dear Customers - PPE kits for only medical use and critical use. As an ISO certified and CE compliant company we are following the SITRA certifications & duly approved fabrics that have passed through blood penetrations test to help & supply the needy. 
  • Request customers not to order for non-industrial or medical purposes. Let us give it to people who need it and are falling short of supplies.                         
  • Our aim is to supply to smaller hospitals, clinics, & doctors who might not have access to these supplies.                                                                                         
  • It’s critical that frontline workers such as doctors and nurses get access to personal protective equipment so they can help treat those infected with COVID-19 safely.

We will strictly not sell to people without the right purpose.

Personal Protective Equipment:

  • Schoolay personal protective equipment disposable full-body coverall gown with hood.
  • Made of PPE, nonporous, water repellent. These lightweight coveralls feature.
  • Protects against non-hazardous aerosols, liquids, and dry dust. Quick to deploy and easy to use
  • These disposable coveralls are excellent choices for workers and visitors to your facility. Generously sized for easy movement.

1 Pcs Hood,1 Pcs Full coverall gown,2 Pcs Shoe Cover


  • Safety Products
  • Comfortable
  • Offering Disposable Coverall to cover the body to protect from  Bacteria, fluid protection in close proximity working zones and for people working in critical areas.
  • Protect your body from workplace hazards with disposable coveralls



    •  Coveralls-One-time disposable overall
    •  Size: Free size
    • Includes full-body coverall with shoe cover and hoodie  

Fabric details:   

  • Spun bond Laminated Non-Woven Fabric 60GSM
  • Color: Medical blue                                                                                            


This kit does not include masks, Nitrile gloves, and goggles.