Three Cool Habits Your Kids and Students Should Inculcate in the Digital Age

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Three Cool Habits Your Kids and Students Should Inculcate in the Digital Age

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Let’s admit it: Being a kid today isn’t as easy as it used to be. There are enough and more distractions and relentless pressure to keep up with them. There’s an app for everything—even one to distract your kid from everyday distractions!

iPads, Play Stations, mobile phones, gadgets, you name it and your kid probably knows more about them than you do. Make no mistake, your children will turn out to be smarter, more curious and more street-smart than the previous generation. But would they turn out to be better people?

The power of the Internet and the plethora of information floating about is enough to fill them with immense knowledge about the ways of the world. But, at the same time, it’s imperative for children to do those little things that make them more human and less ‘digital.’

Keeping a Diary

Sure, it’s the age of blogs, vlogs Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and what not. But as they grow older and turn back the pages of time, an old-fashioned, hand-written diary will manifest into their very own coming-of-age story. Keeping a diary also makes them introspect and express their feelings, learn from their mistakes, and more importantly, grow.

Nurturing a Plant

They say we must make the earth a better place for the next generation. But what if we make the next generation in-charge of making the earth a better place? Kids might not grasp concepts like climate change and global warming but they do understand the importance of preserving nature. Planting a sapling and nurturing it till it grows into a tree will help them appreciate nature and become more conscious and responsible citizens.

Caring for the Elderly

There is no better place to learn the joy and gratitude of kindness and respect. Spending time with elderly neighbors, grandparents or even adopting an old-age home will keep your children grounded and appreciate the lives and times of another generation. It will make children more considerate, empathetic, and adaptable.

Now that’s something that the glitzy world of gadgets cannot teach your children. You’ll have to. As a parent of a digital native, that’s something you owe them. And that’s something they’ll pass on to their children, creating a world that’s better than it was.

We, at Schoolay, believe the best way to teach your children to appreciate the importance of being kind, generous and environment-conscious is to do it yourself. Start today!