Dear Parents, 

Please follow the below instructions to get the right size uniforms.


  • Have the best fitted clothes for your child handy and measure them according to the images shown. Always lay the garment flat down to get accurate sizing
  • Please note that these are not body measurements, and hence need the chest and waist measurements of the garments laid on the table/floor.
  • Choose a t-shirt that fits your child well, and lay it flat on the table.
  • Refer to the image shown and note the measurements of the well-fitted garment.
  • Match the measurements in the table to establish the size.
  • The measurement unit is Inches

T- Shirts


Formal Shirts

Formal Trousers

Track Pants


Formal Shorts

Formal Skirt

Hoodie/ Jacket

Skorts & Skirts

Sports Shorts